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Note: You need to submit an inquiry form and attend the Initial Interview with your SRCC liaison before you can start the process outlined below.


Residents at Santa Rosa Creek Commons (SRCC) are share owners of our complex and members of the governing board.  To have your name placed on our waiting list, you must demonstrate that you are willing and able to help manage the Co-op and help care for the buildings and grounds.  


You are responsible for initiating and completing each of the steps below.  You have a maximum of 18 months from the date we receive your application to complete these steps. Your liaison will not remind you but will be glad to answer any questions as you proceed.  


1) Application

Complete and return the SRCC Application within 30 days of your initial meeting with your liaison. If circumstances arise that make it difficult to return your application within 30 days, please contact your SRCC liaison. The effective date of your application will be the date that your liaison receives your completed application.


Submitting the application is only the beginning of the process of

becoming an SRCC member. You will not reach the waiting list until

you have completed all the items below.


2) Attend the following (check first with your liaison to confirm that dates haven’t been
  changed and we know to expect you):

  • Two Board meetings (held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:30am and lasting two hours, on average).

  • Two Potlucks following a Board meeting or Stone Soups following Work Day

  • Two Work Days (held on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 9:30am to 11:45am) 

  • Two committee meetings. Committee meetings last two hours, on average.


3) Review our documents

Ask your liaison for a copy of the SRCC Shareholder’s Manual which includes the Bylaws of the Corporation and the Occupancy Agreement. We will give you a sheet of questions to guide you through the Manual. Read through the Manual, then schedule a meeting with your liaison to discuss these documents. At that meeting, you and your liaison will discuss the material in the Manual and go over the requirements of the Agreement to Assume Co-op Responsibilities, which you previously reviewed in your application packet.  

*                              *                            *


After you have completed the above steps, your name will be presented to the SRCC Board for approval to be placed on our waiting list. We cannot predict how long you will be on the list before you are offered a unit. However, our waiting list is not chronological. Applicants are chosen by skills currently needed at SRCC.


We encourage all on our waiting list to continue to come to our meetings and events as you are able. This helps all of us get to know you--and vice versa.

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