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Our History

An ongoing story of community & affordability

We are fortunate that one of our founders--Calvin Simons--is capturing the history
of SRCC in short essays. You can read them here.

With land secured, planning and organizing continued under the original name the Santa Rosa Creek Cooperative. But we soon realized that in order to maintain our affordability, we needed to reincorporate as a limited-equity housing cooperative. That's when the cooperative adopted the current name of Santa Rosa Creek Commons. Each household owned one share in the Cooperative, which entitled members to occupy one of the co-op's units and use the common facilities.

Patience and Persistence

The next five years were spent securing government loans, working with a consultant and architects, going through Design Review, Planning Commission and City Council hearings, negotiating with the State Department of Real Estate, and working out a contract for construction. Finally, in June 1982, after a wet winter of construction delays, everything was in place.

Our Founders


In the 1960s, Calvin Simons and his wife, Susan, were part of a group of Bay Area Quakers and like-minded friends who began to talk seriously about their dream of establishing an intentional community. They met regularly to formulate goals, investigate structures, and begin to hunt for property. In 1977, they found our pastoral two acres within walking distance of downtown Santa Rosa. The Simons’ immense and incalculable contribution helped turn this dream into a lasting reality.

Moving in

The realization of a dream is an ecstatic moment. Members enthusiastically entered into the process of building a true community, which they regarded as an evolutionary process (as reflected in the structure). Today, the process remains essentially the same: All adult members serve as Board Directors and participate in decision-making in monthly Board and committee meetings. A sense of community continues as we work together as officers and members of committees, maintaining the property and common gardens and planning social and educational events.




Over the years, SRCC has won awards for service, design, and progressive leadership, including:

  • Certificate of Merit presented by the City of Santa Rosa in recognition of exceptional service in the public interest.

  • Certificate of National Merit presented by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development for generating a successful public-private partnership that benefits the community and serves as a worthy model.

  • Certificate of Recognition Theme Award presented by a group of cooperatives, recognizing leadership in the development of cooperative housing and an outstanding design plan.



We are fortunate that one of our founders--Calvin Simons--is capturing the history
of SRCC in short essays.
You can read them here.


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