About Our Community

Convenient, affordable, friendly

Our Property

Santa Rosa Creek Commons includes three two-story apartment buildings and two converted houses that collectively host 27 units. That breaks down to three studios, 11 one-bedroom units, 11 two-bedroom units, and two three-bedroom units. On our wooded grounds, we also have a community room, workshop, laundry, tool and bike sheds surrounded by year-round gardens and a peaceful floodplain along Santa Rosa Creek.

How We Work

Each shareholder resident is a member of the Board of Directors, which meets once a month on the second Saturday for approximately two hours; these meetings are mandatory. We use consensus to make decisions, and we value the voice of every member. All members have agreed to the following values:

  • Consensus decision-making

  • Non-violent conflict resolution

  • Concern for the natural environment

Members buy a share into the entire co-op, and the price is based on the square footage of their unit. These shares range in price from approximately $10,000 for a studio up to $30,000 for a three-bedroom unit (returnable upon leaving).









The value of individual shares increases annually based on the CPI increase for the previous year. For example, in October 2020, the Board approved an increase of 2.1% based on the CPI for the San Francisco Bay Area.


There is also a monthly charge to cover water, garbage, insurance, etc. For fiscal year 2020-2021, these figures are: 

$369 - $530 for a studio

$626 - $767 for a 1 bedroom apartment

$848 - $849 for a 2 bedroom apartment

$1,132 for a 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment 


Our Committees

We are able to keep our monthly fees low by managing our own property. Each member contributes eight hours of work every month and serves on at least two committees (meetings last for one to two hours, on average):

  • Buildings & Grounds

  • Landscape & Garden

  • Membership & Marketing

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Documents

  • Nominating


Committees also make decisions based on consensus. Naturally, disagreements and interpersonal problems arise, but through mutual deliberation and open communication, we strive to achieve an increased understanding of one another.

Our Neighborhood

Shops and restaurants in downtown Santa Rosa are just a short walk away, as are nearby services such as the main post office and library, government offices (including City Hall, state and federal buildings), and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Not to mention close-by pharmacies, gas stations, banks, movie theaters, and the Santa Rosa Mall. The city's main police and fire stations are just up the street, with two of Santa Rosa's largest parks only blocks away. Luther Burbank Gardens, the Prince Memorial Greenway, and Courthouse Square are also nearby.