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Santa Rosa Creek Commons (SRCC) is a 27-unit cooperative community.  Members of each unit purchase a membership share, which represents part ownership of the entire property.  Members also pay a monthly carrying charge which is their share of the annual budget.  SRCC is a self-managed community and requires significant participation by all members.



The cost of a SRCC is related to the size and type of unit that you occupy as well as the cost to build it in 1982.   


Approximate Current Share Values

(These figures are subject to change)











Each fiscal year the Board of Directors (i.e., all members) considers an increase on the value of shares. 
This is based on the annual increase in the cost of living index (consumer price index).



CARRYING CHARGES  -- Fiscal Year 2020-2021 only

Charges change every July, based on the budget for the new fiscal year

Carrying Charges are expected to increase in July, 2021.


$369 - $530 for a studio

$626 - $767 for a 1 bedroom apartment

$848 - $849 for a 2 bedroom apartment

$1,132 for a 3 bedroom/2 bath apartment 


Carrying charges cover mortgage payments, water/sewer, garbage collection, property taxes, reserve funds (anticipated replacements), maintenance of grounds and buildings, gas and electricity for common areas, building insurance (fire, earthquake, liability) and accounting and legal fees.  All members pay for gas and electricity within their own apartments.



In accordance with the SRCC Occupancy Agreements, all members must maintain full-time residence at SRCC.  Although some members own other residences, all are expected to fill out the Homeowners’ Property Tax Exemption form giving SRCC as their primary residence.  The exemptions give SRCC an annual saving in our property taxes.


All members may claim an income tax deduction for their share of property taxes paid by the cooperative.  Members may claim their share of mortgage interest payments as a tax deduction.



SRCC refunds the current value of the share to the departing member after deducting any member-caused repair costs and any outstanding charges owed to SRCC.


SRCC reports the amount paid to the departing member to the IRS.  Any increase in this sales value over the amount paid by the member and the time he/she bought the share is considered a capital gain at the time of sale.



SRCC has insurance for fire and earthquakes, covering such damage to any SRCC-owned buildings and structures.  Residents’ personal property is not covered.  We recommend that residents purchase individual homeowner or condominium insurance to protect their personal property.


SRCC also has liability insurance, including bodily injury.  This protects SRCC from claims or lawsuits that could be brought against SRCC should visitors incur injury while on the premises of our common property, but does not cover visitors who injure themselves within a private SRCC apartment.  We recommend that members purchase their own insurance to cover injuries that may occur to guests within their own unit.   


SRCC insurance does not cover injuries or medical insurance needs of SRCC residents.  Residents who are injured on SRCC property are not covered by SRCC insurance, even if they are performing volunteer tasks or are just using the grounds. We recommend that members provide their own health and medical insurance coverage.









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