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Santa Rosa Creek Commons (SRCC)

Please complete the form below and send it to our Inquiry Secretary via email or USPS. (If mailing through USPS, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.) We will get back with you ASAP about scheduling your initial interview. Thank you for your interest!

Inquiry Secretary, Sarita

USPS Address:     Sarita Hazen, Inquiry Secretary
                         Santa Rosa Creek Commons
                         887 Sonoma Avenue, Apt. #11
                         Santa Rosa, CA 95404









Number of adults:                     Number of children in household:

Number of pets:                        Species:




City:                                        State:                             Zip:


Phone Number:             




Annual income:


Place of employment:


How did you first learn of SRCC:

Our co-op is self-managed — all adults contribute to making it a safe and attractive place to live, through work, meetings, activities and leadership. Please review the following and check each item to confirm you understand how we operate at Santa Rosa Creek Commons.  


____You will need to fill out a detailed application.

____SRCC keeps its monthly fees low because each adult member contributes at least eight hours of work every month.

____In addition, each adult member serves on at least two committees, such as Buildings & Grounds, Landscape & Gardens, Documents, etc. 


____Each adult SRCC shareholder is a member of the Board of Directors, which holds a mandatory monthly meeting (for members) every second Saturday at 9:30am for approximately 2.5 hours. 

____Members buy into the entire co-op. Please check our web site for current share costs and current monthly carrying charges.

____Singles are on a priority waiting list for studio and one-bedroom units. Households of two or more are on a priority waiting list for two or three bedroom units.

____We currently do not have any vacancies. We are accepting applications for our waiting list. We cannot predict how long you will be on the list before you are offered a unit. However, our waiting list is not chronological. Applicants are chosen by skills currently needed at SRCC.       ​

              Thank you!


Santa Rosa Creek Commons

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