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The Documents Committee is currently revising the Shareholders’ Manual. We encourage every member to participate in this process.




We welcome all members to attend our Documents Committee meetings.



Members can give input through their own committees. For example, look over your committee’s management plan, review any forms your committee is responsible for, and tell the Documents Committee what’ 1) is still OK, 2) what needs updating, and 3) what is obsolete. The Documents Committee will reach out to specific committees about things like this when we have questions. For example, we asked the Landscape & Garden Committee to give us proposed new text covering house rules for fruit and vegetable harvesting.



Gibbsen has created a great website that features our working draft copies of all the documents. You can access this site here:


Gibbsen has set up the website so that everyone can read our in-process documents. If you have comments and suggestions, please let us know in writing and put them in the Documents Committee mail box. Thanks!

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